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OS Organic Cotton Inserts

OS Organic Cotton Inserts

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Our Inserts are made of GOTS (Global Organic Cotton Textile Standards) certified organic cotton. The Organic Cotton is sourced from India, they are super absorbent, absorb really fast and also dry fast after wash. Cotton is anti-bacterial by nature. It is the most healthiest option for the baby. Cotton tends to get stiff when dried in sun. Dry it in shade for a softer cotton. Sun dry them as and when possible. It is a natural disinfectant and the stains just vanish. Do not use any rash cream. A good essential oil like Virgin Coconut oil will do wonders.

Each of the inserts are made of 4 super absorbent layers. Choose between the Bleached and Unbleached Organic Cotton. Both perform almost the same. 

Quantity: Set of two

Size: 5" x 13"