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Innate Cloth Diaper Cover - Yale Green
Innate Cloth Diaper Cover - Yale Green
Innate Cloth Diaper Cover - Yale Green
Innate Cloth Diaper Cover - Yale Green

Innate Cloth Diaper Cover - Yale Green

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One-Size: Fits babies from 3 months upto 2 and half years, 3kg upto 15kg


  • Pre-sizable waist
  • Regular fit fits better for chubby babies
  • Easy to use; once the diaper is pre-sized it can be laundered as it is. Only when the baby grows considerably is when you need to re-size it.
  • Diapering a tummy sleeping baby is easier with the option to snap and unsnap at the back
  • Lay the inside with inserts of your choice, or use our AI2 (All in 2) insert which has snaps on either side and elastic on three sides, which makes it an insert with better coverage and the snaps help stay in space. Once its wet just remove it, clean the inside with a dry cloth, you can lay a fresh insert and use it. The cover can be reused 3-4 times a day.
  • PUL at the rear and front of the waist on the inside, help avoid leaks

Use: Wash the shell at least once & inserts 5-6 times before first use.

Stuff the diaper shell with inserts and fasten it using just two snaps on either side!

Pre-sizing the waist

Pre-size the diaper on the waist; as per the needs of the baby, using the snaps on the panels and the rise with rise snaps. Our diapers last 2-3 hrs.

Storage: The used diapers can be kept in a Wet bag, Diaper pail or a bucket with a lid. Remove as much poop as possible before storing. Use a hand sprayer (hand faucet) or a tap to remove the solids before storage. One can store the used diapers for a max of 2 days before it is laundered.

Care: Wash twice, cold & warm. Rinse well. Line dry/tumble dry. No bleach, laundry additives, fabric softeners or rash cream. To know more read

Fabrics used: The outer layer is waterproof yet breathable, the inside wicks away moisture and keeps the baby dry and core absorbent layer is super absorbent and dries fast after wash.

Diaper Shell: Outer Fabric - PUL 100% Polyester