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Innate Videos

Our Story

Here's a brief interview of our Founder Priya Tolanavar. She's briefly described the story behind Innate Diapers and how she manages work and home as a mother. A mompreneur speaking out her side of the story. A very inspirational one!

Types of One-Size (OS) Innate Cloth Diapers

Overwhelmed with the choices of Cloth Diapers available? Watch this video to know more about each of them.


Overview of Innate Pocket Diaper

Innate Pocket diaper is a one of a kind reusable cloth diaper consisting of an outer PUL layer which is waterproof yet breathable, an inner stay-dry layer made of a customized strtchy fleece fabric, and finally a middle pocket to receive layers of absorbent fabric to help the diaper stay-dry. The absorbent layers made of GOTS certified Organic Cotton absorb wetness and the stay-dry fabric is designed such that it wicks away the wetness allowing the baby to always feel dry. Pocket diapers are a well loved diaper solution as it gives the closest feeling to that of a disposable diaper. It makes the baby feel dry, it’s easy to clean, and it’s easy to use.


Overview of Innate All In One (AIO) Diaper

The Innate All In One diaper is a complete cloth diaper solution. The PUL fabric and the absorbent fabrics (made of GOTS certified Organic Cotton) are all sewed together. We also have a snapable booster which will help adjust the absorbency and have a trimmer fit in the day time and have an additional absorbency for the night time. Except for the pre-wash routine, one doesn't need any prep to use this diaper, no inserts, no pockets. PUL makes the diaper breathable and the inside with various options of absorbent fabrics makes it the easiest diaper to use.


Overview of Innate Fitted Diaper

Innate Fitted diaper resembles the shape of a disposable diaper and is made of several layers of absorbent fabrics. It has elastic around the legs and at the back and front. Hence it contains messes efficiently and is highly absorbent, healthy and reusable. It is not waterproof. One can choose to use natural options such as wool, fleece as a cover or use PUL cover to make it waterproof. It is the most breathable and best solution to diaper a baby.


Overview of Innate Diaper Cover

An innate Diaper cover is a cost-effective solution to diaper a baby. As the name suggests it could be used as a waterproof cover over other non-waterproof solutions. Or just lay a prefold or an insert on the inside and use it as a diaper. The inserts/perfolds, once wet can be removed and the inside of the diaper cover needs to be wiped and can be reused with another insert/prefold.