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Innate Cloth Diapers

Why Innate?

We did a critical analysis of the pros and cons of the Modern cloth diapering solutions. There were a lot of Pros: waterproof yet breathable, the one-size solutions, the stay-dry feature, the fitted diaper with all natural fibres against the baby, and so on. For the cons: it was to overwhelming to fasten the diaper on the baby, too many buttons!, getting the fit right every time with a wiggly baby was a task, my son is a lean baby. There are very few slim fit solutions and stuffing the slim fit pocket diapers was another task. So we came up with these simple and easy to use solutions.

Pre-sizing the waist

In all the Diapers: We have the option to pre-size the diaper at the waist like one would pre-size it at the rise. This is acheived by the use of belts on either side of the rear end. These belts can be sized as per the needs of the baby, as shown in the fig. For babies with heavier thighs the lower snap can be snapped to the next snap to allow more room for the thigh. Likewise for the babies with heavier tummy the upper row of snaps can be kept loose.

Once the cloth diaper is pre-sized, the diaper can be washed as it is and is ready for snapping with just two snaps on either side. This size needs to be adjusted only when the baby grows considerably. My son has been in the same size for the past six months.

Diapering a baby has never been this easy, especially the hyperactives ones. With this feature anybody can cloth diaper a baby, Grandparents, friends, aunts, uncles, even the daycare can easily Diaper a baby. It is as easy as putting on a baby suit.


We have four types of Diapers, All In One (AIO), Pocket Diapers, Diaper Covers/All In two (AI2) and the Fitted. We have done enough study and come up with ideal fit for each our types. AIO - Slim Fit, Pocket Diapers - we have both Slim Fit and Regular FIt, Diaper Cover/AI2 - Regular Fit, Fitted - Regular Fit.

Pocket Diaper

We have made stuffing of the Pocket Diaper easy by providing a stretchy stay-dry fabric. The stay-dry fabric stretches when you stuff the insert and relaxes as you get your hand out. It is easier to use and still serves the purpose of keeping the baby dry. A solution you always wished for.

Diaper Cover | AI2 (All In Two)

The innovatively designed insert with elastic on three sides, with the help of which the cover can be smartly used as AI2 (All in two) Diaper. Just snap the insert on inside and use the diaper like an AI2 solution. Once wet, the insert can be removed and the inside of the diaper cover needs to be wiped and can be reused with another insert.

Smart Look

A unique, chic look is achieved with innovation of incorporating the elastic at the rear in a smart new way. A solution like never before. Flaunt the Innate Cloth Diapers available in various colours and prints with your little one.