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Safe, Natural, Comfortable

Why use Innate Cloth Diapers?
Baby’s sensitive, underdeveloped skin touches toxic chemicals like Dioxin in the disposable diapers. Dioxin has the potential to cause cancer. Use of Innate Cloth Diapers with the natural fibres, are safe and healthy for baby.


Once the diaper is pre-sized, it can be laundered as it is. No worries of fit each time. You may need to re-size it only when the baby grows considerably.

Which one to buy?

With so many options available, it would be too overwhelming to decide on which one to buy. Read through our types of Diapers to know about each and choose what is comfortable for your baby and make sure it fits your Pocket.

One-Size 4kg to 15kg

Innate's One-Size Diapers will fit babies from 4kgs to 15kgs. We have a wide range of Diapers to choose from suiting the needs of both the baby the user.

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Washing Cloth diapers is not as intimidating as it seems. Today's washing machine and Innate Diapers make Cloth Diapering easy. Worried about how to get the poop off the diaper? Just use a health faucet or a tap to dispose it. How to store, how to wash, would be the next questions. Read further to know what care needs to be taken.

Newborn upto 5kg

Innate's Newborn Diapers will fit babies upto 5kgs. We have a wide range of Diapers to choose from suiting the needs of both the baby the user.

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How many to buy?

How often do you need to change the diaper, would be the first question. Our Diapers are super adsorbent. They last 2-3 hrs. It also depends on whether the baby is a light, medium or a heavy wetter.

Number of diapers needed depends on various things, like the needs of the baby, lifestyle and the climate you are in. If the baby is a heavy wetter, more number of diapers would be needed. If you wash everyday less numbers would be needed. Ideally, for a medium wetter 12-15 diapers for a day. If you wash once in two days 23-25 diapers would suffice. You do the math and decide on your stash.

Our Story

Here's a brief interview of our Founder Priya Tolanavar. She's briefly described the story behind Innate Diapers and how she manages work and home as a mother. A mompreneur speaking out her side of the story. A very inspirational one!

Innate Diapers Review by Nisha, Trivandrum

Nisha, a working mom having 2 girl children, one 6-year-old and a 14-month-old,. She's from Trivandrum and she expresses how Innate's cloth diapers have been a go-to solution for her. How our design, especially the pre-sizing has made her life easier with cloth diapers. She likes the fit and the trimness of the diaper.

Innate Diapers Review by Fiza Choudhary, Mumbai

Here's Fiza Choudhary from Mumbai, mom to a 13 month old baby girl. She shares her review about Innate Diapers, mostly the Innate Diaper Cover. She expresses her view on our unique design and how pre-sizing has been good for her.

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